25 Beard Oil – Black Spruce & Black Pepper

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Natural beard oil to nourish, hydrate, and moisturize facial hair. Carefully formulated with clean ingredients for softer, tamer, healthier-looking beards.

1 FL OZ / 30 mL

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Beard Oil :Nourish and tame unruly beards with the power of plants

A Beard Oil for well-groomed beard means that you’ll feel cleaner, smell fresher, and look your best at all times. Our natural beard grooming oil is formulated using a careful blend of nourishing oils to moisturize, hydrate, and tame facial hair.

Its gentle, antioxidant-packed ingredients nourish hair and skin for all-day comfort, while the exhilarating essential Beard Oil blend with black spruce and black pepper stimulates the senses and uplifts mood. Who needs coffee when you’ve got this irresistible-smelling pick-me-up to start your day?

  • Comprised of 100% natural, hair- and skin-loving oils
  • Keeps beard and skin soft, moisturized, and conditioned throughout the day
  • Lightweight, fast-absorbing formula that doesn’t leave a greasy feeling or residue
  • Enrich with an energizing, uplifting essential oil blend for an added mental boost

Rub 5-6 drops of Beard Oil between your palms until warm. Gently massage oil evenly into beard and skin, ensuring that it reaches the roots of your facial hair for optimal results.

This product is for external use only. Store below 21°C/ 70°F.

Our products are made with natural, clean ingredients that work. Each ingredient is added with purpose to work harmoniously with the rest of the formulation to provide effective, long-lasting results.

Key Ingredients

Black Spruce Essential Oil

  • Aids in softening and smoothing coarse hair
  • Naturally purifying to keep beard and skin clean
  • Grounding, woody scent that stimulates the senses and boosts mental focus

Black Pepper Essential Oil

  • Loaded with antioxidants that protect skin
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Stimulating, spicy scent that clears the mind and alleviates feelings of stress

Bergamot Essential Oil

  • Helps unclog pores and regulate sebum production for healthy, happy skin
  • Promotes skin cell regeneration
  • Calming, citrusy-floral scent that soothes the senses

Full Ingredients

Vitis Vinifera (Grape Seed) Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba Seed) Oil, (Camellia) Sinensis Leaf Oil, Tocopherol, Picea mariana (Black Spruce) Oil, Citrus bergamia FCF (Bergamot) Oil, Piper nigrum (Black Pepper) Oil

*The product’s ingredient list may vary. Refer to the product label for the most updated ingredients.

Beard Oil


Clean Ingredients


No Synthetic Oils or Artificial Coloring






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11 reviews for 25 Beard Oil – Black Spruce & Black Pepper

  1. Andre Paquin

    Smells amazing.


    It is a Christmas gift

  3. George

    This is marvelous. Also, my wife loves the scent

  4. Glenn Archer

    What can I say other than Awesome!!! Leaves my mustache and skin nice and soft. No more flaking and redness of skin. Is there any way to make a Blackspruce and Blackpepper deodorant to match the beard oil? That would even be more awesome!!!!

  5. Sean H.

    Been buying this religiously for over a year. Do it. It’s the best.

  6. Heidi N.

    Husband loves how this makes his beard and skin feel.

  7. Sean H.

    Way of Will’s oil is the best I’ve ever used. So much out there but none of it is refined like this.

  8. Sean H.

    I’ve tried quite a few beard oils at this point and none of them come close to Way of Will’s 25. Buy it!

  9. Charlie C.

    Purchased as a gift for my brother and he really enjoyed the smell and the way it made his beard look and feel.

  10. mario


    “Beard oils are great for keeping your beard and skin underneath moisturized, preventing split-ends (yes men with beards get split ends and it sucks), and lastly providing a nice scent. The 25 Beard Oil definitely fires from all cylinders here. Once again jojoba is used here to provide moisture from the tip of your strands down to the roots. An interesting addition here is the Bergamot oil that can balance and calm your nervous system (beard cuddle sessions with your lady reimagined) . This ingredient is also used in aromatherapy for that same reason. The black pepper oil lends the skin a nice warming sensation. This concoction has a nicely scented charm to it with a slight kick of toughness. If you have a beard and love to use oils over creams, pick this one up.”

  11. Joseph P

    While i don’t sport what most would call a traditional “beard”, i do go several days between shaves. I use this product to soften the stubble and it works really well. In addition, it smells great and absorbs quickly. I highly recommend this product.

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