Energizing Sweet Orange Shower Powder Travel Size

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  • Sweet Orange

1.85 oz / 52 g

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Energizing Sweet Orange Shower Powder Travel Size This refreshing shower powder gently purifies and revitalizes the skin for a mega boost in confidence and energy levels. Invest in your skin and keep it at optimal health with a shower powder packed full of nourishing, organic, and all-natural ingredients — all in ultra-minimalist packaging.

Enriched with exhilarating sweet orange essential oil, your body will feel refreshed, revitalized, and squeaky clean after every wash. We added potato starch for its natural source of iron and B vitamins, which promote new cell formation leaving skin silky-smooth and soft to the touch. We’re obsessed with kaolin and its detoxifying and purifying properties, which is why we put it in our formula to keep your skin clean and clear. Oatmeal powder ensures your skin remains happy, healthy, and balanced. And then, there’s apricot kernel oil which boosts hydration and provides powerful antioxidants that protect skin from free radicals.

Let this energizing shower powder work its magic on your skin and balance your mind whether you’re at home or away.

  • Invigorating and energizing travel-sized shower powder.
  • Refreshing, mood-lifting, invigorating, and skin-nourishing
  • Sweet orange essential oil scents this blend of oatmeal powder, kaolin, potato starch, kaolin, and apricot kernel oil

Why We Love Sweet Orange Shower Powder?

No matter where you are, wake up and conquer the day with this purifying and revitalizing shower powder. It’s specifically formulated to lighten your load be kinder to the environment. But that’s not its only benefit. It also brightens dull, tired skin with a zesty freshness like no other.

Feel the invigorating formula energize the skin while nourishing skin cells for an ultra-healthy, radiant glow. Amplify energy levels with this all-natural, skin-loving formula for a brighter start to your day.

How to Use  Sweet Orange Shower Powder?

Dispense half a teaspoon amount into hands and add water. Rub hands together and work into a lather then apply to body. Rinse with water. Bottle contains 20 + washes when used as directed. Use in conjunction with other Way of Will skincare products for optimal results.

Boost Energy Levels Anywhere

This travel-sized bottle of energizing shower powder is the perfect pick-me-up after an energy-zappy day. Say no to dull, tired skin and refresh your body and senses wherever you are to boost performance and feel confident. So, nourish your body, mind, and soul and get yours today.

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3 reviews for Energizing Sweet Orange Shower Powder Travel Size

  1. Miriam

    I really like the shower powders. This one smells yummy and I feel squeaky clean after using it. I use a shower puff and it lathers up a lot, way more than it does if you put it just in your hands. The reusable metal bottle is perfect for travel. I’m not buying anymore liquid soap in a bottle, your products help me to do my small part to help save this beautiful planet.

  2. Kelly Harrold

    The aroma is amazing but it does not lather as you say it does . I do feel clean when I use it but probably would not buy it again.

  3. Moi

    I got this shower powder for travelling, since it is a powder and not a liquid. In addition, this powder is environmental friendly packaged and can easily be recycled or reused. The wash itself smells like orange zest (yum!) and cleans perfectly. Unlike other bodywashes here the smell doesn’t linger on the skin, which is good if you got sensitive skin.

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